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    Faith, it’s a word we’ve probably heard a thousand times. Often the word could be annoying (trust me, we’ve all been there  ). Probably, it might not come from the most pleasant sources  and maybe you might just hear it at possibly the worst of times. You love to disregard the word sometimes, but it […]

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I was diagnose of cancer on my breast.but my pastors and other people around me truly prayed for me and I also listened to this prayer line and when I went for MIR screaming I as told I have no ...
Good morning Sir,Firstly I would like share my testimony, the Lord had been so good to me, last weekwednesday, you ask us to pray for all around favor and in afternoon I was calledfrom the HR department that I didn’t ...
I give thanks to the Almighty God because this breast cyst already disappearedthrough fervent day and night shadow prayer. My Doctor told me that the result of mybrain MRI result showed that the tumor was completely removed and because it ...